• Name of the Department: History
  • Year of Establishment:  1971
  • Name of Head of the Department:  Dr. Rajesh Kulkarni
  • Name of UG Coordinator:  Prof. Manasi Bhosale
  • Name of PG Coordinator: Dr. Jyotiram Deshmukh


About Department

The department was established in 1971 and the eminent history teacher mr. M. A. Kulkarni was the first head of the department. He taught with his research experience. After his retirement, in 2001, Dr. Rajesh kulkarni became the next hod and is in office till now. Dr. Rajesh Kulkarni is a university gold medalist & national scholar. He has also been awarded professorship and phd guideship. He is also the bos member of SPPU. The other staff members in the department are – Dr. Priyanka Joshi is first rank holder in history, Savitribai Phule Pune University and has been teaching in the college since 2015; Prof. Manasi Bhosale had joined the college in 2018 and has been teaching junior and senior college. Recently, Dr. Jyotiram Deshmukh joined the department. He holds a post-doctorate degree teaches senior college while Prof. Gaikwad teaches the junior college.