Name of the Department : MATHEMATICS
Year of Establishment : 1981
Name of Head of the Department : Dr A. N. BHAVALE
Name of UG Coordinators : (1) Mr. R. K. Gawade (2) Mr. P. V. Gadagkar
Name of PG Coordinator : Mrs. S. N. Gajul
Name of Research Coordinator : Dr A. N. Bhavale

About Department :
The Progressive Education Society’s Modern College of Arts, Science and Commerce, Shivajinagar, Pune-5 was started by the initiative of honourable Tatake Sir in June 1970. Prof. Limaye was first Principal of the college. For the first ten years, there was a combined Department of Mathematics and Statistics, headed by Prof. P.S. Chirputkar. Department of Mathematics started functioning independently in 1981 and late Prof. C.G. Kulkarni was the first head of the Department. Prof. Pramila P. Chikate became head of the Department after the voluntary retirement of Prof. C.G. Kulkarni in June 1989.  Prof. A. V. Rayarikar shouldered the responsibility of the head of the Department from 2004 and after his retirement in 2010, Prof. D.S. Mane remained the head of Department till 2014. Dr. A. N. Bhavale is appointed as the Head of Department of Mathematics since June 2015.

From the academic year 2014-2015, the Department has started Post-Graduate Course (M.Sc.) in Mathematics. In the Department, there are in all seven staff members on full time basis in the Senior wing, six staff members in the Junior wing and eight staff members in the Post-Graduate wing. One non teaching staff is also available in the Department.

From the academic year 2022-23, the Department has started a Research Center (Ph.D.) in Mathematics. There are three Ph.D. guides available at the center, and currently seven students are pursuing their Ph.D. at the center.

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