The department of Marathi on its very year of inception that is from 1970 has proved its work. It is one of the active and result oriented departments of our college. For over last 44 years, it has proved to be a source of career building to the students not only of the Arts faculty but even for the students from Science and Commerce faculty. In 1994 department commence post graduate course. Department started research center successfully in 2013.

Dr. Bhimrao Kulkarni a well known critic and literary activist headed the department during 1970 to 1984. He brought name and fame to the college by his various literary activities in and outside the college. In the department he organized many lectures series, seminars and symposiums and personalities of esteemed recognition visited the college at every second month during his tenure of about 15 years. Learned persons and authors like Padmashree Ananta Kanekar, G. T. Madkholkar, S. G. Malse, S. K. Kshirsagar, Prabhakar Padhye, Dr. R. S. Walimbe, V. L. Kulkarni, G. K. Bhat, G. B. Srdar, G. M. Kulkarni, S. P. Bhagwat, Daya Pawar, Baburao Bagul, N. D. Mahanorv, Vidyadhar Pundalik, Mahesh Elkunchwar, V. D. Kulkarni, Madhav Vaz etc. And many more such person from the fields of literature, Journalism, Education and Culture visited the college. Dr. Bhimrav Kulkarni was the person who use UGC grant for the first time and conducted seven days state level seminar Marathi criticism in december 1976. From that time only it became a practice of the Marathi department to conduct seminar on grand scale successfully.

Dr. Bhimrao Kulkarni’s multifarious activities outside the college brought credit to the college. He was chosen as secretary to Maharashtra Sahitya Parishad successively three times and later on succeeded as a chairman of that body for two terms. He was appointed as one of the Juries for Maharashtra State Library Awards. He contributed to many socio-literary comities that is he was the main pivot of keasri centenary committee as always the birth centenaries of N. S. Kelkar, K. P. Khadilkar, B. R. Tambe all Literary figures in Marathi. Dr. Bhimarao Kulkarni was a writer and a critic too. He wrote stories for children, biographies, short stories and personal essays. Interesting fact is that the first biographical novel (on Hari Narayan Apte) in Marathi is written by him. His historical novel ‘Omkar’ stands unique is steam of Marathi Historical novels as the same has been presented in the prose style of Bakhars a medieval prose form of narration.

Dr. V.B. Deshpande former head was active with Marathi theatre. He is specialized in Dramatics and worked on performing arts. His great achievement is Marathi Natyakosh which is sanctioned by U.G.C. as a Major Research Scheme. Dr. D. D. Punde a retired lecturer is an acclaimed critic and has 38 books on his name. History of literature was his passion. His name is mentioned in the compendium of eminent personalities in literature compiled by Ganesh Devi entitled After Amnesia.