The college has two patents to his credit.

Plasmid encoding IAA and a method thereof A US Patent Filled By Chopade, B.A., Huddedar, S.B.(Dr. Shilpa S. Mujumdar), Tilekar J., Shete, A. M, Dhawale D.D., Gore , S.D

A process for synthesis of Biostabilised gold nanoparticles using water hyacinth by Dr Rebecca Thombre, Atith Chitnis, Yash Bogawat, Rochelle Colaco, Vedant Kadam

Inventors/Teachers Title Date of filling and registration No. Date of Award Status

Dr. Mrs. Shilpa Mujumdar

Plasmid encoding IAA and
a method there of

28th April 2004

6th January 2007 US
Patent No. 834698


Dr. Mrs. Rebecca Thombre

Method for synthesis for
biostabilized silver nanoparticles
using water hyacinth

10thOctober, 2014