This newly set up facility contemplates to encourage and to provide a forum under which students and teachers could freely, and informally exchange and/or undertake research activities; interest in research being the sole criterion for participation in this promotional activity in the field of research.

The college record indicates that the interest in research was there as shown by as shown by some individual staff members and departments from day-one of the establishment of the college in 1970. The growth of research over the years is evident as has been stated under the ‘sub-point’ or ‘tab’ in the information of the specific department provided on the college website. It ranges from research undertaken by the researchers – the teachers, PG
students, fellow- at the individual level; as a team; a project funded by different funding agencies and the like; research publications, participation in the various conferences, organizing International, National and State level seminars, conferences/seminars and workshops, lectures by eminent personalities and so on.The increase in the number of University approved research Centre from one in 1978 to seven at the present in 2016 in a span of 46 years and could increase further.

Considering the ever growing importance and ever expanding nature of research, the multi-faculty (Arts, Science and Commerce) nature and thereby the readily available expertise of the faculty literally under one roof of the college, the college authorities thought it necessary to set up a center to promote research in a more effectively organized manner, that sums up the aim of the center.