Web site details of Department of Zoology

Name of the Department : Zoology
Year of Establishment: 1970
Name of Head of the Department ; Dr. Bharat T. Kalbage
Name of UG Coordinator : Dr. P.S.Kudnar
Name of PG Coordinator : Dr. Shubhangi Puranik
Name of Research Coordinator : Dr. Yugandhar Shinde
About Department (write-up and one photo)


Department of Zoology was established along with college in 1970 as a part of Biology Department. The T.Y. B.Sc. classes were started from 1979 and M.Sc. Zoology (Entomology Specialization) commenced from 1994.

Dr. S.Y. Paranjape headed the department (earlier called as Biology department and then Zoology Department) during first 20 years. Then Dr. H.V.Ghate was the Head until March 2013.Dr.A.M.Bhalerao is the present Head of the Department.

More than 50% of teaching staff at undergraduate level is with Ph.D. degree and 25% with M.Phil. degree. All the staff members therefore possess good deal of research experience. Most of the undergraduate staff members have over 15 to 20 years of teaching experience.

So far four staff members retired from the department:
1) Dr. S.Y. Paranjape 2) Dr. A.B. Dandekar (Later Expired)  3) Dr.Mrs.S.J.Thatte 4) Dr.H.V.Ghate 5) Dr.A.M.Bhalerao

The earlier staff members who were there during the formative stages of the department but left the college prior to retirement include late Dr. Sharad Katdare,Dr. R.R. Bhonde and Dr.S. Dudhale. Dr. A.D. Padhye and Ms.Gauri Guttikar-Haval also served this department for a few years .

Some post-graduate teachers who contributed for a short duration of one-to two years include Dr.Mrs.Ashoka Bhongale, Dr.Suneeti Pathak, Dr. Simantini Eddy, Mr.Nilesh Rane and Miss Manisha Sahasrabudhe.

At present Department teaches only up to B.Sc. But we also were running M.Sc. Zoology for 7 years during the period 1994-2001.