State Level Conferences organised

Survival and Reliability Analysis


Role of E-Commerce in Modern Business’

15-16 Feb 2016

Fresh water Ecosystems of Maharashtra: Their Biota, Ecology and Health

6-7Feb. 2015

Business Innovation Through Advanced Information Technology

13-14 Feb. 2015

“Mazi Zadan-Ghadan”

26 Feb. 2014

Emerging Trends in service Sector

4-5 Feb. 2014

Marathi Vinodi Katha –Swarup ani Sadarikaran

4-5Feb. 2013

Role of Tourism in the regional Development

27-28Feb. 2012

Digital System Design using VHDLon CPLD board

10-11 Feb 2012

Drikshravya Malikanchi Nirmiti Prakriya ani Udyogachycya Sandhi

5-6 March, 2012

Fuzzy logic and related topics

29-30 March 2012

Implementation of the interactions financial reporting standards

1-12 March, 2011

Career Opportunities in Languages

Jan 2011

Research in Social Sciences – Techniques and trends

7-8 Jan. 2010

Statistics and clinical trials

18-20Dec. 2010

Microbiology in 21st Century

25-26 Dec. 2010