Department of Physical Education 

Our college was established in 1970, with an initial strength of 500-600 students. As the entire environment was new, it was charged with enthusiasm. The faculty comprised of young as well as experienced lecturers. All the young lecturers (of around 25 years of age) were associated with the gymkhana. Their enthusiasm and willingness to work inspired the students to take to sports in a very short period of time. Eventually Modern College made an impression in the field of sports. Many of the students performed exceptionally well at the university, inter-collegiate, national & international levels. This was indeed commendable as the college, at that time did not have all the necessary equipments to train the students.
This heritage has been preserved and carried forward, even today. Recently, two of our past students received the Shiv Chhatrapati Award. The total number of Shiv Chhatrapati Award winner so fare 31 and there is a student who received coveted Arjuna Award.

Our students represent the college in various games, like Kho-kho, Volleyball, Kabaddi, Foot-ball, Hockey, Badminton, Chess, Table Tennis & Tennis. All the routine functions of this department are carried out smoothly. For this, student representatives are appointed. These representatives are responsible for advocating their respective games to the students, and for encouraging a maximum number to join in. Out of these representatives, one from the boys and one from the girls is chosen as I.C.S.R. (Inter Collegiate Students’ Representative)
Class representatives, the two I.C.S.R.s and the U.R. along with the support of other students regulate all the activities that take place at the university level. Every year, along with the increasing number of students the responsibilities are also gently multiplied. However the students’ representatives successfully handle the activities and there in lies the success of gymkhana.

In view of the availability of limited sports ground and accommodation facilities it is proposed to focus more attention on Indoor games such as Table tennis, Badminton, Chess, Gymnastics etc. The society has its own internationally recognized Badminton hall and it provides excellent coaching facilities. Therefore it is proposed to provide coaching in Badminton. College Gymnasium with all modern equipments available to the students.

As far as the outdoor games are concerned, the sport ground available in the vicinity of the college is booked for the college students whenever needed.
It is also proposed to associate a good number of past students who have excelled themselves in various games and sports. The Shiv Chhatrapati award winners who are the past students of this college will be associated with the sports activities of the college, so that the present students would get the benefit of the expertise of outstanding sportsmen, particularly from those who are the past students of the college.