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The department of Physics is one of the largest and oldest departments in Modern College. The department of Physics was instituted from the inception of the college in June 1970. Physics as principal subject was started from June 1973. It offers courses at the Undergraduate and Post-graduate levels. The Undergraduate centre offers Material Science, Instrumentation, Advanced Electronics, Nanotechnology, Astrophysics as elective courses at UG level.

The Post-Graduate centre offers Electronics, Energy Studies, Instrumentation as elective courses at PG level. Presently department has 7 full time members for UG teaching & 3 full time faculty members for PG teaching.

Salient Features of the Department

  • The department has 4 well equipped and dedicated laboratories. Physics department has also applied to SPPU for recognized research centre.
  • Faculty members are actively involved in syllabus forming and restructuring at University level for both Undergraduate & Post-Graduate levels.
  • Research projects are funded by BCUD-SPPU.
  • Research carried out by faculty members are published in National and International journals, seminars and conferences.
  • Physics Department has received development grant under FIST of DST, CPE of UGC, BSR of UGC.
  • Emphasis on student centered teaching learning process
  • Availability of computer lab with access to the internet
  • Departmental library
  • Activities like poster presentation competition, seminar competition, Astroclub to create and nurture interest in physics
  • Under-Graduate and Post-Graduate wing