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Geography was started since the 4th and 5th century as a branch of knowledge on Global level. It is a part of human civilization. It is started in India since 11th century in the form of Astronomy. There are two main branches of geography., one of them is Physical geography and second one is Human geography. Physical geography is related to study of lithosphere, hydrosphere, atmosphere and biosphere. Human geography includes the study of relationship between nature & Man. Environmental Geography was introduced on Global level in 1970. It was started in India after a decade. Now a days GIS & Remote Sensing, analytical study of GPS, Petrology, Pedology and Mineralogy  are  challenging branches in geography all over the world.

Geography is science, it includes the study of relationship between nature & Man. Previous nature of Geography was purely descriptive. Now a days it is analytical & more scientific. Use of statistical methods, GIS & Remote sensing is already introduced in the department. Today nearly 400 students enrolled their names for geography at general level and 108 at for special level. Total four faculty members are there, out of them three are awarded by Ph.D. degree.

The department offers post-graduate, under-graduate courses. In 1970 Geography was started in the college at general level, in the 1975 at special level for under graduate & in 1993 at post graduate level. Skill development programs such as certificate course in Geographical Information System & Remote Sensing and various co-curricular activities are conducted for enhancing overall progress of students. Department is well equipped with Four laboratories. Many students from different states are interested to take admission in the department.

Salient features of the Department: 

  • Well qualified, skilled and dedicated faculty
  • Advanced teaching and learning resources and methods
  • Career guidance cell for students.
  • Internet Access to the students
  • Separate departmental library and study room.
  • Skill development course ‘Certificate Course in GIS’.
  • Career development course in ‘Travel and Tourism’.
  • Well equipped laboratories for academic
  • Department is running one project sanctioned by University Grants Commission, New Delhi.
  • Remedial teaching for academically weak student.
  • Well planed study tours are arranged for students.
  • Workshops, guest lectures, seminars, exhibition and quiz competition for overall development of the students.
  • “Vasundhara Manch” is the platform for students. Different academic and co curricular activities are arranged by this platform.