Best Student Trophy


Best Student Trophy Result 2020-21 

Aim of the contest:

Modern college has offered several opportunities and launched diverse career pathways for the student community. Keeping our eyes to the future, we celebrate the past and visualize a bright future of our college with endless possibilities ahead. College caters to the needs of diverse types of students by providing them platforms to explore and self realize their potential and to improve their overall personality. These are in the form of different associations, Sports, NCC, NSS competitions, career guidance sessions, remedial coaching, and many other programmes.

Selection as the ‘Best Student’ of the College is definitely a matter of pride for the student. The selection process for the best student also motivates students to follow the path to his goal. Best Student Trophy Contest is one among them. This contest was started by our college authorities almost three decades ago. The aim of this contest was to identify students who not only excel in their academics but also in co-curricular and extra-curricular activities. Identifying and selecting best students amongst the vast variety of multitalented students in our college is a challenging process. This activity creates enthusiasm between students to develop their career with good personality, all around knowledge and good communication skill. Initially the registration process was completely manual, now college has started conducting the whole process online from 2017-18 keeping in mind the transparency of the procedure. This will help each student to understand his status in comparison with those of others. The best student trophy committee also organizes various programs for advance learners to enrich their capacity and potential throughout the year.

The Best Student Trophy is awarded to the Best Student from Junior Wing, Senior Wing and Post- Graduate Wing.

  • The best student from Junior Wing receives “College Trophy” and “Late Jyotsna Godbole Cash Prize”.
  • The best student from Senior Wing receives “Damodar Shield” and “Veer Savarkar Cash Prize”.
  • The best student from Post-Graduate Wing receives “Late G. M. Bansude Trophy”.

The selected best student from each wing is honored by the ‘Excellence Trophy’ and a Blazer by the college in the felicitation ceremony.

Eligibility Criterion:

  • Students studying in Modern College, Shivajinagar, Pune 411005 securing marks above 60% in the examination conducted in March/April 2018.
  • Attendance should be minimum 70%.
  • Students participating in Co-curricular activities, Extra- curricular activities, Sports, NSS and NCC will be preferred.
  • The activities performed in last two years will be considered. Participation in activities conducted by college during the respective academic years will be highly appreciated.

(Co-curricular Activity includes competitive examinations, seminars, project, presentations related to academics, subject related competitions, workshops, conferences, symposia attended etc.

Extra-curricular Activity includes Arts, Vocal, Instrumental related competitions or any activity other than academics and sports, participation in social work, campaign, etc.)



First Round:

  • The committee invites online applications from the students and scrutinizes them by pre-defined norms.
  • A separate merit list is prepared for each wing and eligible students are shortlisted for second round from each wing.
  • List of shortlisted students and the date of personal interview will be displayed on the web page of college.

Second Round:

  • Shortlisted students from each wing are called for an interview which consists of a personal interview and a group discussion.
  • A separate panel of judges for each wing shortlists three contestants for the next round based only on their performance in interview and group discussion.

Third Round:

  • All shortlisted contestants in second round are interviewed by an external reviewer.
  • ‘Best Student of The Year’ will be declared on the basis of his/her performance in overall process.

Important Dates:

  • Date of release the application form :           15th February 2021
  • Last date for online submission of form :           25th   February 2021
  • Date of release of shortlisted student list :           7th  March 2021
  • Date of Second Round :           12th March 2021
  • Date of Third Round :           12th March 2021


(Note: Please note that there may be change in dates due to some unavoidable circumstances. Changed dates, if any, will be declared immediately on web page)

Instructions to fill the form:

  1. Keep the scanned copies of the following documents ready before filling the form
    • Photograph in JPEG format (Max Size 1MB). Name the file as:  first name _last name  (e.g amit_shelar)
    • Mark list of previous examination duly signed by your class teacher or any subject teacher with gradation. Name the file as: first name _last name_mark  (e.g amit_shelar_mark)
    • The list of all certificates of co-curricular, extracurricular activities, sports, NCC, NSS and other than this should be prepared sequentially as per page numbers which will be appeared in the PDF. (The list of certificates should be considered as page no 1 by default.)
    • The list of all certificates prepared and all certificates should be scanned in single PDF file. Name the file as: first name _last name_cert  (e.g amit_shelar_cert) and upload it at the end of form.



                           Chairperson                                                                         Principal

Best Student Trophy Committee                                               Modern College, Pune 5


For any queries, please mail on:


Shortlisted Students Year 2020-21


Note:   Duplication of form will be rejected.

Link of Registration Form:
Registrations are closed !


Best Student Trophy Winners
Year Junior Class
1999-2000 Sumedh Devgaonkar XI Sc.
2004-05 Harshali Damle XII G
2005-06 Nikhil Bhushan XI-G
2006-07 Mayukh Gosavi XI Sc.
2007-08 Miss.Shivai Aher XI Sc.
2008-09 Miss.Raut Tejal XI Sc.
2009-10 Miss. Madhavi Bijalani XI Sc.
2010-11 Miss. Zalte Gayatri H. XII G
2011-12 Akhilesh Gandhi XI
2012-13 Miss. Navangul Sharvani XII-G
2013-14 Joshi Shesha Jayant XII-A
2014-15 Acharya Shreeya XII-AE
2015-16 Sayali Bahirat XI-G
2016-17 Kewalramani Jatin T. XII-G
2017-18 Shah Neha XI-AE
2018-19 Salunkhe Rohan XI-D
2019-20 Gunjal Tanvi XI-E



Year Senior Class
1999-2000 Meghana Mone T.Y.B.Com
2004-05 Dipti Dole T.Y.B.Com
2005-06 Rajkiran Shinde T.Y.B.A.
2006-07 Rajesh Chomal S.Y.B.Sc. (Micro)
2007-08 Shrikant Gabale S.Y.B.A.
2008-09 Miss. Jaiswal Trishla T.Y.B.A.
2009-10 Miss. Sonia Mutha T.Y.B.Com
2010-11 Thakur Rajan S. T.Y.B.Sc. (Micro)
2011-12 Shriram Ramane F.Y.B.Sc.
2012-13 Gawade Vikram Uttam T.Y.B.A.
2013-14 Chaturvedi Mrunalini S.Y.B.Com.
2014-15 Indore Suvarna T.Y.B.Sc. (Maths)
2015-16 Miya Shaheen T.Y.B.Sc. Comp.Sci.
2016-17 Sahu Rushav J T.Y.B.A.
2017-18 Patil Shivani T.Y.B.Com.
2018-19 More Ruchika T.Y.B.Sc. (Maths)
2019-20 Himani Dhyani T.Y.B.Sc. (Micro)




Year Post Graduate Class
2006-07 Gajanan Nerkar M.Com.
2007-08 Miss. Rupali Albur M.Sc. Comp. Sci.
2008-09 Bhosale Pradeep M.Sc. Comp. Sci.
2009-10 Miss. Sherin Charley M.Sc. Comp. Sci.
2010-11 Bhosale Vivek P. M.Sc.I Comp. Sci.
2011-12 Devendra Tagare M.Sc. Comp. Sci.
2012-13 Sagar Shinde MCA-I
2013-14 Gujar Vedika MCA-III
2014-15 Upadhyaya Sonakshi M.A. II
2015-16 Ishita Gadgil M.A.I
2016-17 Navale Sujeet C. MCA-II
2017-18 Mane Vishwadeep M.Sc.I (Micro)
2018-19 Sonar Deveshri M.Sc.II (Micro)
2019-20 Sathe Nikita M.Com