Std 11th Timetables (Academic year 2020-21)

Std 11th Timetable (Unaided Section)  (Online Mode)  Std 11th Timetables for academic year 2020-21  (Online Mode )  Please note that the time table given below to be followed for online lectures for all the students of respective classes.
11th Arts Time Table (Div A, Div B,  Div K (English Medium))

Roll Lists

Div A roll list

Div B roll list

Div K roll list

11th Commerce Time Table (Div G, Div H, Div I, Div J) click here for XI Commerce Time Table 2020-2021

Roll Lists

Div G roll list

Div H roll list

Div I roll list

Div J roll list

11th Science Time Table (Div C, Div D, Div E, Div F) click here for XI Science Time Table 2020-2021

Roll Lists

Div C roll list

Div D roll list

Div E roll list

Div F roll list

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