PG Part 1 Admission Notices 2021


Steps in Admission Process :

  1.  Click on
  2. for M.Com (Non-grant) and M.Com (e-Commerce) link is  :
  3. Click on Entrance Form 
  4. Click on Add Class
  5. Fill part A, B , C.
  6. Submit form
  7. Upload necessary documents
  8. Faculty clerk will verify your form 
  9. Vice Principal will approve your form 
  10. Fees payment to get enrollment number (Fees payment option will be enabled only after Vice-Principal Approval)
  The detailed notice about PG –I admissions for all courses will be displayed soon on the same page under Admission Notice column.
Course Name Entrance Result Admission Notice Allotment List
M.A. Economics M.A. Economics Result M.A. Economics Second Round Admission Notice M.A. Economics Second Round Allotment List
M.A. English M.A. English Result --------- -----------
M.A. / M.Sc. Geography M.A. / M.Sc. Geography Result M.A. / M.Sc. Geography Admission Notice M.A. / M.Sc. Geography First Allotmentment List
M.A. Hindi M.A. Hindi Result ----------- --------------
M.A. History M.A. History Result ------------- -----------
M.A. Marathi M.A. Marathi Result ----------- ------------
M.A. Political Science M.A. Political Science Result M.A. Political Sci Second Round Admission Notice M.A. Political Sci Second Allotment List
M.A. Psychology M.A. Psychology Result M.A. Psychology Third Round Admission Notice M.A. Psychology Third Allotment List
M.Com (Aided) M.Com (Aided) Result M.Com Second Round Admission Notice M.Com Second Round Allotment List
M.Com (e Com) M.Com (e Com) Result -------- ----------
M.Com (Non-grant) M.Com (Non-grant) Result M.Com (Non-grant) Admission Notice M.Com (Non-grant) First Allotment List
M.Sc. Biotechnology M.Sc. Biotechnology Result
M.Sc. Botany M.Sc. Botany Result M.Sc. Botany Admission Notice M.Sc. Botany Third Round Allotment List
M.Sc. Chemistry M.Sc. Chemistry Result M.Sc. Chemistry Admission Notice M.Sc. Chemistry First Merit List
M.Sc. Electronic Science M.Sc. Electronic Science Result M.Sc. Electronic Science Admission Notice
M.Sc. Mathematics M.Sc. Mathematics Result M.Sc. Mathematics Admission Notice M.Sc. Mathematics First Allotment List
M.Sc. Microbiology M.Sc. Microbiology Result
M.Sc. Physics M.Sc. Physics Result
M.Sc. Statistics M.Sc. Statistics Result M.Sc. Statistics Third Round Admission Notice M.Sc. Statistics Third Round Allotment List
M.Sc. Zoology M.Sc. Zoology Result as on 17 8 21 M.Sc. Zoology Admission Notice M.Sc. Zoology Third Round Allotment List and Admission Notice
P.G.D.B.F. P.G.D.B.F. Result -------- -----------