Progressive Education Society's 

Modern College of Arts, Science and Commerce (Autonomous),Shivajinagar, Pune-5

M.A./ M.Com/M.Sc./M.Voc. Entrance Examination Result 2023

  • The candidates are appealed to contact respective Departments for the further details.  This list displays the result of the entrance examination.
  • This list does not state that the candidate has been admitted to the course. 
  • The admission will be based on the rules of reservation and availability of seats for respective course.
  Sr. No Name of the Class Result
1 M.A. Marathi  
2 M.A./M.Sc. Geography  
3 M.A. Economics  
4 M.A. Political Science  
5 M.A. English  
6 M.A. Hindi  
7 M.A. History  
8 M.A. Psychology  
9 M.Sc. Animation  
10 M.Sc. Botany  
11 M.Sc.Biotechnology  
12 M.Sc. Computer Science  
13 M.Sc.Computer Application  
14 M.Sc. Chemistry  
15 M.Sc. Electronic Science  
16 M.Sc.Microbiology  
17 M.Sc. Mathematics  
18 M.Sc. Physics  
19 M.Sc. Statistics  
20 M.Sc. Zoology  
21 M.Com (Grantable)  
22 M.Com ( Non-Grantable)  
23 Post Graduate Diploma in Banking & Finance  
24 M.Voc.(Fashion Technology & Apparel Designing)  
25 M.Com (e-Commerce)