M.A. / M.Com./ M.Sc.

ENTRANCE Examinations 2020

On-line Registration will start from   : Wednesday, 2nd September 2020 Last Date of On-line Registration        : till one day before the actual examination of specific course  

    Schedule of Entrance Examination:

Day, Date 10.00 am to 11.00 am 12.00 noon to 1.00 pm 2.00 pm to 3.00 pm 4.00 pm to 5.00 pm
Saturday, 26th Sept 2020 M.Sc. (Biotechnology) M.Sc. (Microbiology) M.Sc. (Mathematics) M.Sc. (Electronic Science)
Sunday, 27th Sept 2020 M.Sc. (Physics) M.Sc. (Botany) M.Sc. (Zoology) M.Sc. (Analytical Chemistry)
Monday,  28th Sept 2020 M.A. (Political Science ) M.A. (English) M.A. (Marathi) M.A. (Geography)
Tuesday, 29th Sept 2020 M.A. (History) M.A. (Hindi) M.A. (Economics) M.Com (Unaided)
Wednesday, 30th Sept 2020


M.Com. (Aided) P.G.D.B.F. ---


   Eligibility Criteria : As per Eligibility defined by SPPU for affiliated Colleges.  

  Click here for eligibility booklet of SPPU


  Important Instructions to the Candidates:

  • Entrance Examination will be conducted in an On-line
  • Proctoring mechanism will be followed to conduct the Entrance
  • Candidate can appear for the Entrance Examinations from any
  • Candidate may appear for the Entrance Examination though Smart Mobile Phones (Android/IOS), Laptops/ Desktops with internet connectivity
  • Candidate should produce genuine photo identity such as College Identity Card/Aadhar Card/ PAN Card at the time of registration and same should be made available during the Entrance Examination.
  • Candidate should register by using genuine Mobile Number and Email Id, same will be continued for further
  • Candidate should upload latest passport size photograph during
  On-line application forms are available on the following link/website modern.epravesh.com  Candidate can make payment of fees using Net Banking/Credit Card/Debit Card as per the chart below. Application form fees include the Entrance Examination fee also. Admissions will be given based on the marks obtained at the Entrance Examination.

ePravesh Technical Support Numbers:

Vikas: 9067078903

Mayur: 9766983812

Rushikesh: 8208549800

Syllabus for the Entrance Examination:

  The questions will be based on FY SY TY UG syllabus of concerned subject of  concerned UG course, as per SPPU syllabus. eg. M Sc Botany entrance exam will be based on FY SY TY B Sc Botany courses as per SPPU Syllabus  Max Marks: 100 Marks    Nature of ExaminationMultiple Choice Questions                                                     No Negative Marking Note:-
  1. Admissions to all the above mentioned courses will be given based on the performance in the Entrance Examination and subject to the fulfillment of the eligibility criteria of the course by the candidate.
  2. The admission will be given provisionally and will be confirmed after the Third Year Result is declared by respective University.
Contact Details :         
Course Name Department Name email id Phone Number
M.A. (Economics) Economics Dr. Abhay Shende hodEconomics@moderncollegepune.edu.in 94220 01016
M.A. (English) English Prof. Alka Kamble hodEnglish@moderncollegepune.edu.in 94230 05026
M.A. (Hindi) Hindi Dr. Prerna Ubale hodHindi@moderncollegepune.edu.in 70285 25378
M.A. (History) History Dr. Rajesh Kulkarni hodHistory@moderncollegepune.edu.in 98220 66100
M.A. (Marathi) Marathi Dr. Nisha Bhandare hodMarathi@moderncollegepune.edu.in 88060 38475
M.A. / M.Sc. (Geography) Geography Dr. Vilas Kamble hodGrography@moderncollegepune.edu.in 98509 14091
M.Com (Aided) Commerce (Aided) Dr. Ashok Kamble hodCommerce@moderncollegepune.edu.in 94210 58137
M.Com (E-Commerce) Commerce (Unaided) Prof. Shridevi Pawar pawarcommercesf@moderncollegepune.edu.in 80878 65070
M.Com (Unaided) Commerce (Unaided) Prof. Shreya Vaidya vaidyacommercesf@moderncollegepune.edu.in 98817 36487
M.Sc. (Botnay) Botany Dr. Neeta Patil hodBotany@moderncollegepune.edu.in 98500 66036
M.Sc. (Chemistry) Chemistry Dr. Harsh Gaikwad hodChemistry@moderncollegepune.edu.in 98901 43098
M.Sc. (Electronic Sci) Electronic Science Prof. Sharad Chaudhari hodElectSci@moderncollegepune.edu.in 98226 82812
M.Sc. (Mathematics) Mathematics Dr. Ashok Bhawale hodMaths@moderncollegepune.edu.in 98904 46339
M.Sc. (Physics) Physics Prof. Sanjay Thengadi hodPhysics@moderncollegepune.edu.in 99602 63990
M.Sc. (Zoology) Zoology Prof. Narendra Naidu hodZoology@moderncollegepune.edu.in 99700 46686
M.Sc.(Biotechnology) Biotechnology Dr Sangeeta Bhagat hodBioTech@@moderncollegepune.edu.in 98227 92073
M.Sc.(Microbiology) Microbiology Dr. Shilpa Mujumdar hodMicro@moderncollegepune.edu.in 77578 62433
P.G.D.B.F Economics Prof. Padmashree Mujumdar mujumdareconomics@moderncollegepune.edu.in 97676 33124
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           -----Principal,                                                                                                                                                                                            MCASC, Pune 5