Mock Tests for the Third Year Students 

  1. Login to using your user id and password
  2. Please go through the video to know how to give online examination  Click here to see the video
  3. The mock test will be available from 17th Nov 2020 12.30 am to 18th Nov 2020 11.59 pm
  4. The mock test is availble on the teams of one of your subjects. Following is the list of course wise subjects, where the mock test is available :  
  • BSc Animation : WebTechnology (Teacher : kalyani Attarde)
  • BSc Comp Sci Div A : Theoretical Computer Science (Teacher : Vaishali Bhoite)
  • BSc Comp Sci Div B : Theoretical Computer Science (Teacher : Shweta Jawale)
  • BCA (Science) : Operating System (Teacher : Sheetal Patil)
  • BSc Biotech : Microbial Biotechnology (Teacher : Sukhada Akole)
  • B.Sc. Blended : Exercises in Molecular Biology and biochemistry (Teacher : Sangeeta Sathaye)
  • BSc Botany : Plant Biotechnology (Teacher : R B Barmukh)
  • BSc Zoology : Organic Evolution (Teacher :Yugandhar Shinde)
  • BSc Chemistry : Oragnic Chemistry (Teacher : Sachin Sakate)
  • BSc Physics : Quantum Mechanics (Teacher : Sanket Gogate)
  • Bsc Maths : Optimization Techniques(Teacher : Pooja Paratne)
  • Bsc Stats : Statistics Distribution Theory (Teacher : Pravin Waldhe)
  • BSc Elect Sci : Analog Circuit Design and Applications of Linear I(Teacher : T B Sonawane)
  • BSc Micro : Fermentation technology I (Teacher :Sheetal Pardeshi)
  • BA Div A : Compulosry English (Teacher : Nilam Ingole)
  • BA Div B : Compulosry English (Teacher :Alphy Poulose)
  • BA Div K : Compulosry English (Teacher :Pallavi Math)
  • BA Div L : Compulosry English (Teacher : Anand Alkondwar)
  • BBA Div A : Supply Chain and Logistics Management ( Teacher : Ujwala Ganesh Soni)
  • BBA Div B : Supply Chain and Logistics Management ( Teacher : Snehal Mirajkar)
  • BBA IB : Business Reporting and Analaysis (Teacher : Neha Dixit)
  • BBA CA Div A: Java Programming ( Teacher : Vaibhav Thakare)
  • BBA CA Div B: Java Programming ( Teacher : Vaibhav Thakare)
  • BCom SF: T.Y.B.Com.Batch-A.Term-End
  • BCom SF: T.Y.B.Com.Batch-B.Term-End
  • BCom SF: T.Y.B.Com.Batch-C.Term-End

Time Tables of Online Examinations (2020-21)

Schedule of upcoming examinations of ac yr 2020-21 Semester 1

Backlog Internal Examinations


Internal Examinations (SPPU)

Continuous Internal Evaluation Examinations

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S. Y. B. A. 

T. Y. B. A.

S. Y. B.A.(Revised as on 12/11/2020)

T. Y. B. A. 


S. Y. B. Voc. (FT & AD)


T. Y. B.Com.


S. Y. B. Com. 

T. Y. B.Com. (Self Financed)

S. Y. B.Com.

T. Y. B.Com.  

S. Y. B.Com. (Self Financed)


S. Y. B. B. A. (revised as on 12/11/2020)


S. Y. B. B. A. (C.A.) (revised as on 12/11/2020)


S. Y. B. B. A. (I.B. ) (revised as on 12/11/2020)




S. Y. B.Sc.(revised as on 12/11/2020)


S. Y. B.Sc. (Animation)(revised as on 12/11/2020)


S.Y. B.Sc. (Biotechnology)(revised as on 12/11/2020)


S. Y. B.Sc. (Computer Science)(revised as on 12/11/2020)


S.Y. B.Sc. (Blended) BioScience


B.C.A. (Science) (revised as on 12/11/2020)

  T.Y. B.Sc., T. Y. B.B.A. / T. Y. B.B.A.(CA) / T. Y. B.B.A./ TY BVoc (FT & AD) Timetables of Internal Examinations will be prepared by respective departments and will be communicated to students by respective departments.

Notice of Online Examination

Instructions to appear for Online Examination online परीक्षेसाठी सूचना
  1. Open in any browser
  2. Use your user id and password which is already communicated to you. ( It is normally : S-1111, where 1111 is your enrollment number/roll number)
  3.  You will see many subject names on the screen. Click on the subject name for which you are appearing for the examination.
  4. You will get two latest notifications
  5. Meeting notification: Click on the notification and then click on “Join”. Switch on your Camera and mic. (This is compulsory). Then click on “Teams” on left hand side bar.
  6. Assignment notification : Click on “View Assignment”. You will get the name of the subject for which you are appearing for the examination. Click on “…” and click on “Open in Teams"
  7.  If for particular subject, there is provision to appear for the examination in two languages i.e. Marathi and English, you will get two different examination papers for two languages. (Marathi / English will be mentioned after the name of the subject) You may select any one paper based on your choice of the language and appear for the examination. You are ready to attempt for the examination.
  8. The last question is mandatory/compulsory, which asks you whether you really want to submit. Unless you click on “Yes”, you will not be able to submit your examination.
  9. Please note that the time allotted for the examination is 60 minutes. After the time gets over, you will not be able to submit the examination.
  10. In case of any technical queries you may please write an email to  or contact on any of the contact numbers mentioned below :
  • a.      99709 41968         b.    98813 78990       c.    93253 82444
  • Principal,  MCASC, Pune
  1. कोणत्याही  browser मध्ये टाइप करा
  2. तुमचा user id आणि password, जो तुम्हाला सांगितलेला आहे, तो टाइप करा. ( उदा. S-1111, where 1111 हा तुमचा enrollment number/roll number असेल.
  3. तुम्हाला तुमच्या स्क्रीन वर तुमचे सगळे विषय दिसतील. त्यापैकी ज्या विषयाची परीक्षा तुम्हाला द्यायची आहे त्या विषयावर क्लिक करा.
  4. तुम्हाला २ notifications / सूचना दिसतील :
  5. Meeting notification: नोटिफिकेशन वर क्लिक करा आणि नंतर "Join" वर क्लिक करा. तुमचा कॅमेरा  आणि माइक चालू करा. ( हे अनिवार्य आहे). त्यानंतर तुमच्या स्क्रीन च्या डाव्याबाजूला असलेल्या "Teams" वर क्लिक करा.
  6. Assignment notification : "View Assignment" वर क्लिक करा. ज्या विषयाची परीक्षा तुमची देत आहेत त्या विषयाचे नाव तुम्हाला दिसेल.  त्यानंतर "..." वर क्लिक करा आणि  “Open in Teams” वर क्लिक करा.
  7. ज्या विषयासाठी मराठी आणि इंग्रजी मधून पेपर सोडविण्याचे पर्याय आहेत, त्या विषयांसाठी, तुम्हाला २ वेगळे नोटिफिकेशन्स दिसतील. त्यापैकी योग्य विषयाच्या नोटिफिकेशन वर क्लिक करा.  (मराठी / English असे विषयाच्या शेवटी लिहिलेले असेल)
  8. शेवटचा प्रश्न हा अनिवार्य असेल, जो तुम्हाला तुमच्या परीक्षेच्या submission चे पुष्टीकरण विचारेल. "Yes " क्लिक केल्याशिवाय तुम्ही तुमची परीक्षा submit करू शकणार नाही.
  9. तुमच्या परीक्षेची वेळ हि ६० मिनिटांची आहे. ६० मिनीटांनंतर तुम्हाला परीक्षा submit करता येणार नाही.
  10. तुमच्या काही तांत्रिक अडचणींच्या निवारणासाठी तुम्ही    या ई-मेल वर ई-मेल करू शकता किंवा खालील नंबर वर दूरध्वनी करू शकता
  •  a.    ९९७०९४१९६८        b.     ९८८१३७८९९०       c.   ९३२५३८२४४४
  • प्राचार्य, मॉडर्न महाविद्यालय, पुणे ५

Video Showing How to Appear for Online Examination

Manual to login to MS Teams

Mock Examination for TY courses will be made available from 17th November 2020 to 18th November 2020