National Conference on Hazardous e-waste Management

23rd and 24th December 2013 

National Conference on Hazardous e-waste management was held on 23rd and 24th December 2013. This conference was organised by Modern college of Arts, Science and Commerce, Shivajinagar, Pune-411005(Maharashtra) in association with Department of Electronic Science ,University of Pune, Ganeshkhind road, Pune-411007. Department of Electronic Science , Physics , Computer Science hold the responsibility to conduct this National Level Conference.


Electronic waste, e-waste, is electrical and electronic equipment discarded due to out of order, end of life or due to projection of advanced versions of electrical or electronic devices. To manage these discarded devices, e-waste, various policies are adopted in the world. Basically recycle, reuse and reduce are the 3R principle to handle e-waste materials. Informal processing of electronic waste may cause serious health and pollution problems. Spares of the e-waste devices like packaging materials, plastics, batteries, covers, chemicals etc. also brings hazardous effects in environment. The better way is to repair, reuse and reduce generation of e-waste. Disposal of it through a recognized and authorized industry is very much necessary. It becomes necessary to create awareness among the society regarding e-waste and reducing it. The procedures for collection of all e-waste materials, sorting and its resale reuse, repair it instead of discarding it, useful spares can be taken out which otherwise may not be available in market, and also some of the gadgets can be used as educational models for the schools and researchers.

Taking into account these issues, it was decided to organize National Conference on hazardous e-waste management. Aim and objective of the conference was to create   awareness, bring all sensitising experts together related to this area and promoting possible entrepreneurship development in e-waste management. As a preconference activity a survey of e-waste awareness in rural community was carried out in the village Phulgaon near Pune  by NSS students of Modern College. A rally was organised for e-waste management campaign in that village. Data related to awareness and disposal of e-waste was collected and analysed. It was observed that, there is a need to promote awareness regarding e-waste management in the society. During the conference various experts, researchers, entrepreneurs, students and faculties came together to discuss this issue with many aspects. The speakers invited for the conference were from e-waste processing units, NGOs, Research institutes etc. Practical demonstrations and film show regarding theme of conference were also organised. The call for research papers for the conference had good response from researchers, scientists, academic faculties and students.

It is the first time in conducting National conference, the research papers were published in journal ‘Environment Observer’ with ISBN number, which was published and distributed on the inauguration ceremony of the conference.

The output of the conference has been creation of awareness about e-waste management as well as it has given direction to youngsters for social entrepreneurship. This activity will be continued by the host institutes in future and a systematic approach; procedure will be developed for collection and disposal of e-waste materials within of Pune municipal area.

Modern College of Arts, Science and Commerce , Shivajinagar, Pune -5 and Department of Electronic Science , University of Pune, wish to thank authorities of Progressive Education Society in general and Honourable Prof. Dr. G.R. Ekbote in particular for giving opportunity to jointly organise this conference on socially relevant issue.

The conference was organised under the visionary guidance of Prof. Dr. G.R. Ekbote, Chairman, P.E.Society, Prof.S.S.Deshmukh, Secretary, P.E. Society, Dr.P.B.Buchade Chairman Board of studies Electronic Science, University of Pune, Prof. P.S.Chirputkar, Dr.A.K.Pande and Prof.J.G. Ekbote Chairperson Local Managing Committee of our college. Dr. R.S. Zunjarrao, Dr.A.D. Shaligram and Prof. S.R. Chaudhari were Convenor and Secretary respectively in organizing the conference. Prof. A.V. Deshpande, Prof. S.S.Thengadi, Prof. P.S.Varade and Prof. Anjali Sardesai worked as coordinators for this National Conference.

Day First 23 December 2014

Principal, Dr. R.S.Zunjarrao, Dr. A.D. Shaligram, Prof. S.S. Deshmukh, Prof. S.R.Chaudhari addressed the audience at the inaugural function.

All research papers presented in this National conference, were published in journal ‘Environment Observer’ with ISBN number, was released with the hands of Dr. Arvind Joshi.

Dr. Arvind Joshi, Chairman, Canadian International, Canada graced the occasion as Chief Guest for inaugural programme. He delivered a keynote talk on ‘e-waste is Gold unsold’ and also discussed the statistics of e-waste growth in India and its hazardous effects on human health. Dr. A.D. Shaligram, Head, dept. Of Electronic Science, University of Pune talked about e-product and its main components. He discussed the ill effects on all living organisms and subsequently on the ecosystem.

Dr. Mangesh Kashyap, President, Seeram,Pune stressed on need and role of individuals in eradicating e-waste. He focused on the fact of using products for ones needs rather than luxuries in life. Mr. Rajesh Manerikar of Jan-Adhar organization focused on creating awareness ,collection, treatment and disposal of e-waste amongst general public..

First day the conference was concluded with oral presentation session which was chaired by Dr. Shubjhangi Puranik. In this session , participants from various organizations personated their research work and case studies. The technical session was conducted by Prof. Ms. Sheetal Pardeshi from Microbiology department.

Day Second 24 December 2014

On second day of the conference, Mr. Kshaumesh Antani of ILFSENV elaborated on benefits of recycling and emphasized on the requirement of e-waste recycler plants and also briefed the participants on recycler strategies adopted at ILFS, Vadodara.

Mr. Nilkanth Poman, Computer officer, PCMC discussed his view about IEC-Information, Education and Communication of e-waste management.

Mr. Sharad Pustake, Advisor,Science and Technology Park,Pune shared his ideas and views about this secondary market for upcoming Entrepreneurs and young graduates. He briefed the audience about flea market in California and its possible implementation in India.

Ms. Pratibha Sharma of SWACH group highlighted the ill effects of e-waste and the need of awareness amongst general public and also the stakeholders.

Prof. Poonam Lambhate demonstrated the details of Hard disk free space of LAN . Mr. Vinay Mundada stressed on sustainable design of production of e-prodicts. A panel discussion with experts was held before the valedictory.

Around 45 participants registered and presented their research work and about 75 Post Graduate students were benefited with knowledge acquired through the sessions and demonstrations. Paper and poster presentation competition was organised for the participants in this conference.

The valedictory programme was  proceed over by Honourable Dr. G.R. Ekbote, Chairman, Progressive Education Society who concluded the two day Conference with his views and dynamic vision on the said theme of the conference.

Prof. S.R. Chaudhari

Organizing Secretary

Dignitaries at the time of inauguration of National Conference on  Hazardous  e-waste management
Prof. Dr. G.R. Ekbote, Chairman, Progressive Education Society, at concluding session