Interdisciplinary National Seminar on ‘ Tree Plantation on Wastelands for Sustainable Livelihood ’

16th January 2017


The earlier attempts made by the government of India and various state governments of India regarding tree plantation on wastelands was partially successful. The reason being the funds were available only for plantation and not for maintenance of it. The social forestry on public wasteland was discouraged by the local people as they required this land for cattle grazing. Moreover, earlier attempts were tree plantation for the protection of the environment. This movement of protection of our forests has to be continued but with an economic benefit to our marginal farmers & tribal who are isolated from the mainstream.
In the present era, the old model of social forestry on wastelands has to be replaced by a new Agri-Horti-Forestry model. This model was developed by the Bharti Agro Industry Foundation (BAIF) and funded by the German government. This is to be discussed in detail in the seminar. This model known as ‘wadi model’ was successful in Gujarat and Maharashtra. However considering the diversity of our country in terms of people, culture .climate & soil, each region requires a modified model. This modified model needs to be discussed in the seminar with experts & experienced people so that it helps to gain a self-employment & sustainable livelihood for the people living below the poverty line.


1) Dr Ram Kharche
Vice-Chairman (Minister of State Status)
Maharashtra Council of Agri-Education & Research
Keynote address

2) Dr Narayan Hegde
Trustee and Principal Adviser
BAIF Development Research Foundation, Pune
Topic: Holistic approach in Agri-Horti-Forestry development on wasteland for sustainable livelihood

3) Dr Mandar Akkalkotkar
Ex Member of subgroup on medical plants, Planning Commission, GOI
Topic: Plantation of endangered medicinal plants on wastelands

4) Dr D. K. Kulkarni
Senior Research Faculty BAIF Development Research Foundation Pune
Topic: Plantation on wasteland for sustainable development –case studies of wadi programme

5) Dr Hema Yadav
National Institute of Agricultural Marketing, Jaipur
Topic: Markets for the produce on wastelands