Green Campus Initiative 

Clean environment is the basic necessity of human being for maintenance of good health and efficiency. Limited availability of public transport has resulted into increased use of personal vehicles, which is one of the causes of increase in air pollution. Due to extensive urbanization, water is increasingly becoming a scarce natural resource in metropolitan cities like Pune. Therefore, efforts to recycle water and water harvesting are undertaken. Similarly, efforts are being undertaken to replace conventional energy in the form of electricity by solar energy wherever possible. In order to keep the college campus ‘clean and green’, the college has undertaken ‘Green Campus Initiative’


I/C : Dr. Ms N.J.Kulkarni (V.P.)

Sr.No Name Designation
1 Prof N.M.Naidu Advisor
2 Dr. N.M.Patil Chairman
3 Dr. Mrs. Rebecca Thombare Co-ordinator
4 Prof R.N.Ingole Member
5 Prof Prabhakar Varade Member
6 Prof S.P.Salunke Member
7 Prof K.T.Kalbage Member
8 Prof A.A.Sonowane Member
9 Prof Dabhade R.L. Member
10 Dr Gopale K.D Member