Activities in the Department             

  • Student Seminars are conducted for almost every course
  • Guest speakers are invited for the students to share about topics directly related to their syllabus
  • Workshops on revision of Zoology syllabus were held at our department
  • Each and every staff member takes active part in organizing National and
  • International Conferences held by the college
  • Staff members participate in various Seminars/Workshops/Conferences held at State/National/International level
  • An Exhibition named ZOOVISION is a unique feature of our department
  • Interclass Quiz on Zoology syllabus of respective classes would be started this year.
  • Later this would be converted intro an Inter-Collegiate activity
  • In the regular teaching teachers encourage students to prepare Posters and
  • Power point presentations related to their syllabus
  • Students are encouraged to contribute articles to the College Magazine
  • Field Visits, Institutional Visits , Study Tours and Excursions are arranged on a regular basis
  • Batch wise Alumni –Meet at least once every year