Curricular, Co-curricular and Extra-Curricular Activities-

College gives immense scope to its students for their all round development other than academics. Apart from conducting series of seminars and guest lectures on varied topics giving practical exposure to our students, we also conduct a variety of managerial, cultural and social events. The college also initiated the Parents – Teacher’s Meet for B.Com., BBA, BBA (CA) and BBA (IB) students, so that parents and teachers can jointly contribute towards the overall development of the children. Various socially relevant programs are also organized wherein students get an opportunity to interact with various NGO’s viz. the Blind School, Old age homes etc. and learn about the social dilemmas and how as a youth they need to be responsive and responsible towards eliminating social evils like superstition, pollution, drugs, etc. Blood donation camp was also organized thrice in the college. Annual college fest “Aarohan: Exploring the limitless talent” for students is organized every year showcasing the latent talent of our students in the form of various competitions and an art & craft exhibition. Competitions like quiz, debate, Power Point presentation, case study, creative writing, rangoli, mehendi, face / mask/ t-shirt painting, photography, poster making, treasure hunt, mad ads, etc. are some of the show stoppers which help in bringing out best qualities of our students other than their academic progress. Art and craft exhibition is a platform organized by the Art Cell where students and the teachers put into display their creative pursuits in the form of paintings, drawings, sketches, pottery making, photographs, etc. We at Modern firmly believe that “education that teaches the mind but not the limbs is doubted to be education at all.” Hence the Dept. of B.Com., BBA, BBA (CA) and BBA (IB) regularly conduct various sports related activities and competitions, both indoors and outdoors, viz. chess, table tennis, carom, basketball, volleyball, handball, badminton, cricket, etc. for mental and physical health and well-being of our students. !

Academic year 2018-19 began with a host of activities which are listed as follows:

  1. National Scholarship Test conducted by IMS for SY BBA on 17 July 2018
  2. Training by GTT (Global Talent Track) for TY BBAon 11 August 2018
  3. Guest Lecture by Mr. Rupesh Waidande (Assistant Manager Cognizant) on “Introduction to Networking” for SY BBAon 18 August 2018
  4. Counseling Session for F.Y.BBA by Prof. Dr. M.D. Alandikar on 10 , 11 & 13 August 2018
  5. Welcome Program for F.Y.BBAon 25 August 2018
  6. Guest Lecture on “Introduction to Networking” by Mr. Rupesh Waidande (Assistant Manager Cognizant) for SY BBAon 18 August 2018
  7. Guest Lecture on “Psychometric Testing” by Prof. S Jayaraman from ISB&M for SY & TY BBA on 28 August 2018
  8. State Level Seminar on “Changing Face of International Trade: Contemporary Issues & Career Opportunities (Local to Global)” on 21 & 22 December 2018
  9. Industrial visits to 4 industries on 11 & 12 January 2019 for SYBBAand SYBBA(IB) Sant Tukaram Sahakari Sakhar Karkhana
  10. Kalyani Maxion Wheels Pvt. Ltd.
  11. Chitale Bandhu Mithaiwale (Khed Shivapur)
  12. Dhaval Technologies Ltd.
  13. Guest Lecture on “Life, Challenges, Mindset & Skills needed for Marketing/Finance/HR/Operations specializations” by Mr. Pushkar Aurangabadkar for FY BBAon 18 January 2019
  14. Farewell Function for TY BBAon 16 April 2019
  15. BBA-CA :Guest Lecture on “Selenium- Software Testing Tool” by Mr. Jayesh Ingale
  16. BBA-CA :Program conducted on “HR- Intervention” by GTT with the help of Barclay’s Company
  17. BBA-CA: Quick Heal Foundation and Modern College, Shivajinagar, Pune together completed Cyber Awareness Literacy Cell program from July 2018 to February 2019. All 16 students’ volunteers selected to work under the guidance of Prof. Vanita Patil and Prof. Namrata Gadgil. Students visited 23 schools and colleges to sensitize 12,274 students by giving 61 PPT presentations and earned Rs. 70,800/- as remuneration.
  18. BBA-IB: IB Exhibition [LOCAL TO GLOBAL] on 20 August 2018
  19. BBA-IB: Model making exhibition [international relations]
  20. BBA-IB:Poster and model making [current social issues]
  21. BBA-IB:Best out of waste Competition
  22. BBA-IB:Ppt presentation activity [Brand Management, International Marketing] 22 January 2019
  23. BBA-IB:Guest lecture on career guidance on 18 January 2019
  24. BBA-IB:Patriotic song competition[voice out for the nation] 24 January 2019
  25. BBA-IB: Green marketing[environmental footprint]
  26. Com.: Guest lecture on ‘Career Guidance’ by Mr. Vishal Agnihotri in July 2019 organized by Dr. Philomena Fernandes
  27. Com.: ‘Poster Competition’ organized by Prof. Ashish Sartape in July 2019
  28. Com.: ‘Debate Competition’ organized by Prof. Yuvraj Shelke in August 2019
  29. Com.: ‘Grahaktirth Vyakhyanmala’ organized by Prof. Sangeeta Mavale in August 2019
  30. Com.: Guidance session on ‘Research Paper Writing’ organized by Dr. Philomena Fernandes and Dr. Ashwini Joshi. in August 2019
  31. Com.: Guest lecture on ‘Soft skill Development’ by GTT organized by Prof. Yuvraj Shelke and Prof. Ashish Sartape in August 2019
  32. ‘Hindi Kavya Sammelan’ (Poetry Recitation Competition) organized by Prof. Samadhan Bhadkumbhe in August 2019
  33. Com.: Guest lecture on ‘Business Management’ by Dr. Prashant Sathe organized by Prof. Maitreyee Phadnis and Prof. Ashish Sartapein September 2019
  34. Com.: ‘Management Games’ organized by Prof. Manasi Joshi in September 2019
  35. Com.: Industrial visit to Volkswagen organized by Dr. Philomena Fernandes in September 2019
  36. Com.: ‘Costing Exhibition’ organized by Prof. Bhagyashree Sewane and Prof. Pravin Salunke
  37. Com.: EVS Project Exhibition organized by Prof. Sangeeta Mavale, Prof.Maitreyee Phadnis and Prof. Ashish Sartape in December 2019
  38. ‘Modern Presentation Week’ organized by Prof. Yuvraj Shelke and Prof. Kanchan Shelke in December 2019