Teaching Staff

Sr No  Name of the Staff  Designation Qualification Experience  in Years  Specialization
1 Mr.Chaudhari S.R. Associate Professor M.Sc. M.Phil. 33 Analog Electronics, MatLab, Quantum Mechanics
2 Mr.Sonawane T.B. Assistant Professor M.Sc. SET 16 Power Electronics, Embedded system
3 Mr.Kumbhar T.R. Assistant Professor M.Sc. SET 11 “C” programming, Analog Electronics
4 Dr. Bodke M.R. Assistant Professor M.Sc. Ph.D. 18 Instrumentation, Semiconductor Physics
5 Mr.Kamble A.V. Assistant Professor M.Sc. 23 Communication, Analog Electronics
6 Dr.Varade P.S. Assistant Professor M.Sc. SET,Ph.D 22 Digital Electronics, analog Electronics, Semiconductor Physics
7 Mr.Vidap R.V. Assistant Professor M.Sc. 19 Digital Electronics, Embedded system
8 Mrs. Chaudhari V.A. Assistant Professor M.Sc.NET 7 Digital Electronics
9 Mr.Tarate G.M. Assistant Professor M.Sc. NET 13 Analog Electronics, Mathematical Methods in Electronics, Electrodynamics
10 Mr.Kothavade U.N. Assistant Professor M.Sc. 9 Embedded System, Digital Design, PLC
11 Mr.Thipse Y.S. Teacher M.Sc. B.Ed. M.Ed. 26 Electronics
12 Mrs.Apte A.S. Teacher M.Sc. SET, B.Ed 26 Electronics
13 Mr.Patil  Y.S Instructor B.E. 10 Electronics


Non-Teaching Staff

Sr No Name of the Member Designation Experience in Years
1 Mr. Diwate V.N. Laboratory Assistant


2 Mr.Chinkate S.B. Laboratory Attendant


3 Mrs. Phadkari A.A. Laboratory Attendant


4  Mr. Tope S.M. Laboratory Attendant


5  Mr.Sonawane Y.K. Laboratory Attendant