Research Centre in Electronic Science


Post Graduate Research Center approved by Savitribai Phule Pune University in Electronic Science was established in July 2011. The research area focused is in application of electronics and some of the social aspects. The research work is through Yuva Sanshodhak Scheme conducted by the college, Under Graduate and Post Graduate Projects, minor research Schemes sanctioned to staff members, Research students perusing Ph.D. work etc. The parent body of college Progressive Education Society supports for the research center to provide infrastructure and other support. Our research center has applied for registration of Research Journal with ISBN number in account to publish research  work. Two of the staff members submitted their Ph.D. thesis and three are doing research work for their Ph.D. There are three guides associated with the research center.

Staff with Ph.D. Degree

  1.  Dr. M.R.Bodke
  2. Dr. P.S. Varade

Staff Registered for Ph.D.

  1. Shri. S.R.Chaudhari,
  2. Shri. T.B. Sonawane,
  3. Shri. T.R. Kumbhar

Students Registered in Post Graduate research Center :

  1. Mrs. Swati Diwatankar
  2. Ms. Madhuri Pote
  3. Shri. S.R.Chaudhari
  4. Mrs. Anitha Menon
  5. Mrs. Sucheta Bhangale
  6. Mrs. Vandana Pagar
  7. Shri. Nagnath Bhusnar

Research Guides :

  1. Dr. U.N. Hivarkar
  2. Dr. P.K. Bhadane
  3. Dr. M.S. Zambre