Research Activities in the Department

Research project as a part of the syllabus is prepared by the students on various topics for which guidance is given by the teachers. The research projects are prepared by the students of TYBA, MA Part-II and PGDFT. Since December 2013 the Department of Economics has been approved by University of Pune as a Ph.D research centre for Economics. Dr. M.M. Satam and Dr. Abhay Shende have been recognised by University of Pune as Ph.D guide.

Sr. No. Name of the research students And Guide  Research Topic STATUS
1 Mr. Thomas Fernandes Guide – Dr. Madhu Satam Slums in Pune Awarded PhD in July 2015
2 Mrs. Jayasree Nambiar Guide – Dr. Madhu Satam


Retail Sector


Awarded PhD in Nov 2015
3 Mr. Somnath PatilGuide – Dr. Madhu Satam




Thesis Submitted to SPPU
4. Mrs. Vinita ShrivstavaGuide – Dr. Madhu Satam Banking & Finance Ongoing
5 Mrs. Shilly JohnGuide – Dr. Madhu Satam Banking & Finance Ongoing
6 Mr. H. Jagtap Guide Dr Abhay Shende Agriculture Ongoing
7 Mrs. Sandhya VartakGuide Dr Abhay Shende Elderly People Ongoing
8 Mr. W.W. WaghGuide Dr Abhay Shende Rural Development Ongoing


List of Ongoing / Completed Projects

Sr. No. Name of the Investigator Funding Agency Title of Project Duration Amount Sanctioned
1. Dr.M.M.Satam UGC Minor Research Project Financial Services and Women Empowerment in Rural Maharashtra 2 years (2013-15) Rs. 1,70,000
2. Dr. A.H.Shende ICSSR Major Research Project A Study of Competition, Co-operation and Conflict of India and China with special reference to Trade & Commerce 18 Months (Completed March-2016) Rs. 8,00,000
3. Dr. M.M.Satam BCUD Financial Inclusion of Urban Youth 2 Years (2014-16) Rs. 75,000
4. Dr. A. H. Shende BCUD Mango Exports 2 Years (Completed 2011) Rs. 75,000
5. Dr. A. H. Shende UGC Rose Exports 2 Years (Completed 2011) Rs. 60,000
6. Dr. A. H. Shende UGC Wadi Project of BAIF 2 Years (Completed 2011) Rs. 2,00,000