1. The course is conducted under  Choice Based Credit System.
  2. The duration of the course is two years.
  3. Course would be of 100 credits, where one credit course will be of 5 credits and  one credit  will be equivalent to 15 clock hours.
  4. Every student shall complete 100 credits in a minimum of four semesters.
  5. In fourth semester student has to complete Industrial Training for six months.
  6. For further details of the course structure please refer to the Handbook of Choice Based Credit System (Updated version) available at Savitribai Phule Pune University, Pune website.


(a) Bachelor of Computer Science (BCS) with 50% marks and 45% marks for Reserved category.


(b) B.Sc. (Computer Science) with 50% marks.


(c) A Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science/ Information Technology/Electronic Telecommunication with 50% marks.


It is believed that credit based system will bring a qualitative change in the way M.Sc. (Computer Science) is taught, which will offer a more enriched learning experience. It aims to provide technology-oriented students with the knowledge and ability to develop creative solutions and better understand the effects of future developments of computer systems and technology on people and society.

The syllabus is about developing skills to learn new technology, grasping the concepts and issues behind its use and the use of computers.

Part I : Course Structure

Semester I  Minimum Credit :25   Maximum Credit : 25

Sr. No. Subject Paper Title of Paper
1 Core CS-101 Principles of Programming Languages
2 Core CS-102 Advanced Networking
3 Core CS-103 Distributed Database Concepts
4 Core CS-104 Design and Analysis of Algorithms
5 Core CS-105 Network Programming


Semester II  Minimum Credit :25   Maximum Credit : 30

Sr. No. Subject Paper Title of Paper
1 Core CS-201 Digital Image Processing
2 Core CS-202 Advanced Operating Systems
3 Core CS-203 Data Mining and Data Warehousing
4 Core CS-204 Project
5 Elective CS-205 Programming With DOT NET
6 Elective CS-206 Artificial Intelligence
7 Elective CS-207 Advance Design and Analysis of Algorithms


Total Extra Credits of  Part – I  : 4

Sr. No. Semester Subject Credit
1 I Human Rights – I 1
2 I Cyber Security –I 1
3 II Human Rights – II 1
4 II Cyber Security – II 1


Part II : Course Structure

Semester III               Minimum Credit :25   Maximum Credit : 35

Sr. No. Subject Paper Title of Paper
1 Core CS-301 Software Metrics & Project Management
2 Core CS-302 Mobile Computing
3 Core CS-303 Soft Computing
4 Elective CS-304 Project
5 Elective CS-305 Web Services
6 Elective CS-306 Database and System Administrator
7 Elective CS-307 Functional Programming
8 Elective CS-308 Business Intelligence


Semester IV                                                 

Sr. No. Subject Paper Title of Paper
1 Core CS-401 Industrial Training /Institutional project
2 Elective CS-402 Parallel Computing
3 Elective CS-403 Embedded System
4 Elective CS-404 Software Quality Assurance
5 Elective CS-405 Modeling and Simulation


If student had completed 85 credit within three semesters then no need to select any elective course otherwise student should select appropriate number of elective courses to minimum complete 100 credits.

Total Extra Credits  of Part – II  : 6

Sr. No. Semester Subject Credit
1 III Skill Based Credit 2
2 III Cyber Security –III 1
3 IV Skill Based Credit 2
4 IV Cyber Security – IV 1