Commerce is a branch of knowledge and a popular career choice for a large number of students. It is a faculty covering variety of subjects like Accountancy, Cost and Works Accounting, Marketing, Business Administration, Business Law, Business Practices, Office Management, Entrepreneurship, Business Management, Mathematics and Statistics, Business Finance, Banking and Finance, Economics. It provides core knowledge to students in these various subjects and prepares them for working in trade, industries and service sector as well as self employment.

Our university has introduced practicals in Commerce curriculum in order to bridge gap between theory and practice. Department faculty members implement this seriously. Variety of methods is used for the practicals, encouraging the students to use ITC tools. Efforts are made to expose the students to practical situations and development of skills among the students. The department offers specilisation in the subjects costing, marketing, and banking.


  • To provide knowledge in basics of trade commerce and industry and train them in accounting, costing, marketing, banking.
  • To develop skills required for their careers in the above branches e.g. E accounting, communication and develop various facets of students’ personalities.
  • To prepare students for competitive and professional examinations
  • To inculcate social and environmental awareness
  • To help students build-up a progressive and successful career


Duration: – 3 years

F.Y. B. Com.:-

Number of Seats: –   480

Eligibility Criteria:-As per SPPU (Please refer to SPPU Website for the details)

Course Structure: –

Course Structure: – (2013 Pattern)

  1. Compulsory / Main Subjects
Sr.No. Code Course Name
1 101 Compulsory English
2 102 Financial Accounting
3 103 Business Economics-I (Micro)
4 104 A Business Mathematics & Statics
5 105 (optional Group) Any one of the following

  1. Organisational Skill Development
  2. Banking & Finance
  3. Commercial Geography
6 106 (optional Group) Any one of the following

  1. Marketing & Salesmanship
  2. Business Environment & Entrepreneurship
7 107 (Any one of the languages from the following groups)


Additional English / Marathi / Hindi / German/


Note: – The optional subjects under group B & C will be introduce subject to the enrollment of minimum number of students.


S.Y. B. Com.:-

Number of Seats: –   480

Eligibility Criteria: – As per SPPU (Please refer to SPPU Website for the details)

Course Structure: – 2013 Pattern

Sr.No. Code Corse Name
1 201 Business Communication
2 202 Corporate Accounting
3 203 Business Economics (Macro)
4 204 Principles & Functions of Management
5 205 Elements of Company Law
6 206 Special Subject : Paper I  Any one of the following

  1. Banking & Finance
  2. Marketing Management
  3. Cost & works Accounting
  4.  Business Statistics


A course in Environmental Awareness is compulsory.

Note: – 1. Special subject offered at S.Y.B.Com. will continue at T.Y.B.Com.

  1. The Special subject will be introduced subject to the enrollment of minimum number of students.


Number of Seats: –   480

Eligibility Criteria:- As per SPPU (Please refer to SPPU Website for the details)

Course Structure: – 2013 Pattern

Compulsory Group:

  • Business Regulatory Framework (M.Law)
  • Advanced Accounting
  • Indian & Global Economic Development
  • Auditing & Taxation

Optional Papers

  • Special paper – II
  • Special paper – III

A student will have to offer the same Special subject which he / she has offered at S.Y.B.Com., as Special Paper II & III at T.Y.B.com.

Weekly Time table:-

Subjects with Practical Courses:

For following subjects practicals will be conducted and practical examination of 20 marks will be held.

Sr.No. Class Subjects
  1. F.Y.B.Com. Financial Accounting
  2. S.Y.B.Com. Business Communication

Banking & Finance I

Cost & Works Accounting I

Marketing Management I

Business Statistics I

  4. T.Y.B.Com. Business Law, Auditing & Taxation
  5. T.Y.B.Com. Special  Paper II & III



Subjects with Oral Examination:

For Functional English, Hindi and Marathi at F.Y.B.Com., an oral examination (Annual) will be held in addition to theory examination (Annual)


Term End Examination:

Term End Examination of 60 marks will be held at F.Y.B.Com., S.Y.B.Com. and T.Y.B.Com. Classes and the same will be converted into out of 20 marks which will be sent to university for inclusion into annual examination marklist.