Skill Development Courses

Skill Development Course: Plant Tissue Culture

This is an era of Biotechnology which encompasses teaching and research in the fields of plant tissue culture, transgenic plants, recombinant DNA technology etc. Plant tissue culture techniques are now being used as powerful tools for the study of various kinds of basic problems not only in the realms plant physiology, cell biology, and genetics but also in agriculture, forestry, horticulture, and industry. In vitro grown plant cells and tissue is one of the basic requirements in many biotechnological processes.

The Department of Botany in collaboration with MCCG is conducting a course on plant tissue culture techniques since 1990. The students of this institution get 25% discount in the fees for the said course. However, there are still some students in the college who wish to enroll for the course but cannot do so because of the financial constraints. For such students the Department of Botany conducts a course on plant tissue culture without any monitory gains.


The students of S Y B Sc and T Y B Sc Botany who wish to peruse higher education in the same field will be definitely benefited by this basic course. This is because, the Plant Tissue Culture and allied biotechnological aspects make up a substantial portion of many post graduate curricula. Moreover, this training can help them to secure a job as a Plant Tissue Culture Technician in reputed institutes and industries.


  1. To make the students aware of the basic techniques of plant tissue culture.
  2. To provide a platform for ‘hands-on’ training on the basic plant tissue culture techniques so that the students are better equipped to get jobs in industries.
  3. To create human resource in the field of plant biotechnology through empowering students at an undergraduate level in Plant Sciences.

Course Duration

5 weeks (4 hrs. per week)

Fee structure

Free of cost

Intake capacity

12 students per batch