Undergraduate Education


Department of Biotechnology has started B.Sc. Biotechnology a three years degree course in the year 2005.

The course structure facilitates students to understand the basic concepts and principles in the Chemical, Physical and Life sciences needed for better understanding of the advances in the field of Biotechnology.

This course is based on studies in various specialized disciplines like Microbiology, Biochemistry, Genetics, Molecular biology, Cell biology, Recombinant DNA technology, Tissue culture technology, Stem cell technology, Environmental biology and Bioinformatics.

Our undergraduate program is aimed to groom students to excel in their future career so as to furnish the ever rising demand of Biotechnologists for practical applications in all aspects of life.


To endow the students with most recent knowledge and practical skills in basic and applied Biotechnology as per requirement of industry as well as postgraduate academic programmes.

First Year B. Sc. Biotechnology

No. of Seats 


Eligibility Criteria 

  • Std XII Science (PCB / PCMB)

Course Structure 

  • Bb- 101 Fundamentals of Chemistry
  • Bb- 102 Fundamentals of Physics
  • Bb- 103 Basics of plant and animal sciences
  • Bb- 104 Mathematics & Statistical Methods for Biologists
  • Bb- 105 Fundamentals of Biological Chemistry
  • Bb- 106 Biophysics & Instrumentation
  • Bb- 107 Microbiology
  • Bb- 108 Computers and application
  • Bb- 109 Practicals in Chemistry and Biochemistry
  • Bb- 110 Practicals in Physics, Biophysics and Instrumentation
  • Bb- 111 Practicals in Biosciences
  • Bb- 112 Quantitative Methods in Biology


Second Year B. Sc. Biotechnology

No. of Seats 


Eligibility Criteria
Course Structure 
Semester I

  • Bb- 211 A Genetics & B Immunology
  • Bb- 212 Cell Biology
  • Bb- 213 Environmental Biology and Biotechnology
  • Bb- 214 Practicals in Environmental Biotechnology
  • Bb- 215 Practicals in Cell Biology & Genetics

Semester II

  • Bb- 221 Molecular biology
  • Bb- 222 Animal and Plant development
  • Bb- 223 Scientific writing and communication
  • Bb- 224 Metabolic Pathways
  • Bb- 225 Practicals in Molecular biology
  • Bb-226 Practicals in Developmental biology

Third Year B. Sc. Biotechnology

No. of Seats 


Eligibility Criteria 
Course Structure 

Semester I

  • Bb-331 Microbial Biotechnology
  • Bb-332 Plant and animal tissue culture
  • Bb- 333 Biodiversity & Systematics
  • Bb-334 Practicals in Tissue culture
  • Bb- 335 (A) Practicals in Microbial biotechnology and (B) Practicals in Field studies and report writing

Semester II

  • Bb-341 Large scale Manufacturing process
  • Bb- 342 Biochemical and biophysical techniques
  • Bb- 343 Practicals in Recombinant DNA Technology
  • Bb -344 Techniques in Genetic Engineering
  • Bb- 345 (A) Practicals of large scale manufacturing process and (B) Practicals in biochemical and Biophysical techniques