strong>Collaborations / Agreements / MoUs with the College/Departments

Sr. No. Name of the Institute/ University/ Department/ Agency /Indusatry Level Department Purpose
 1. MoU with Deenanath Mangeshkar Hospital ,Pune-07 for molecular biology analysis of miscarriage foetus samples

(Dr. Subhangi Puranik and Mrs. Rama Phadke  in the year 2013-14)

National Genetic councelling centre PG Research Project.
 2. The MoU for research cooperation in Life Sciences between Malkolak Knowledge Centre Hyderabad  and  Modern College of Arts, Science and Commerce, Shivajinagar Pune 05 National 1. Joint workshops/ seminars2. Joint/collaborative Research Projects

3. Skill Development workshops

 3 Microsat Biolabs

(Mumbai based Biotechnology Industry)

National Biotechnology Dept.

Dr. Rebecca Thombre

For Academic and research collaboration
4. NCCS, Pune National MCC (Dr. Yogesh Shouche, Director) ISRO Project of Dr. Rebecca Thombre -related collaboration for 16 s Sequencing of Bacteria
5. Agharkar Research Institute, Pune National Microbiology Div. (Dr. P.K. Dhakephalkar, Scientist F) ISRO and BCUD Project of Dr. Rebecca Thombre -related collaboration for 16 s Sequencing of Archaea
6. SVRTM University, Nanded National Dr. Pandit Vidyasagar (VC) ISRO-related collaboration for Microgravity related experiments
7. SVRTM University, Nanded and HV Desai College,Pune National Dr. Pandit Vidyasagar (VC), Dr. Sagar Jagtap Collaborative BCUD proposal sent in 2015
8. Rangoonwala Dental College,Pune. National Dept. of Microbiology and Oral Pathology

(Dr. Ajit Koshy, HOD)

Worked as a Co-Guide for MD project of Dr. Simrata Aijrawat (MD student)
9. Deccan College,Pune National Dept. of Archeology

(Dr. Sable S, Professor)

Collaborative Proposal related to study of Haloarchaea from ancient rocks of India